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For every successful initial introductions or referrals which lead to signing of service agreements with Elite Empire, an agreed 10% commission will be given to the broker monthly.

Subject to these terms and conditions, Elite will provide a commission based on the serviced office spaced leased. They vary in different sizes that would cater according to the operational needs of each client. Once the service agreement is signed, this is then confirmation on the clients end to commit on the monthly charges. From there each broker is compensated as follows below;

Service Agreement may have different terms, and Elite abides by the length of stay agreed upon in each agreement signed. If the service agreement is terminated early, the compensation will then be until the coverage of the said month of the termination date. In the event that the termination of an Elite service agreement results in an overpayment of compensation by Elite, the amount equal to the original prepaid compensation less the adjusted compensation will then be given. This is due to the shortened term of the service agreement which must be promptly returned to Elite. Under no circumstances will the compensation be given after the termination of the client’s service agreement.

Agreement Type & Length Commission Payment Cycle
Service Agreement Fee 10% Paid monthly,Fees on month to month service agreements
Expansion 10%(new office space only) Paid monthly

When expansion takes place, this will mean a new service agreement for an additional space. Then following in accordance to the service agreement signed upon and the type of office space selected, thus follows the schedule above for the commission based on the price offered.
When reduction takes place, this will mean a new service agreement for a downgrade of office space. The existing agreement will be implemented and followed before signing a new agreement. The commission of the existing agreement will be followed according to the table above, and as follows with the new agreement.

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    Payment will be made monthly once an invoice is received.
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    A completed sale is defined as a signed service agreement and payment of the initial fee.
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    All payments will be made by Bank Transfer , kindly submit a valid bank account.
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    If a client defaults during the term of their agreement whereby a payment for commission has already been made, Elite will invoice the Broker for the pro-rated commission paid for the term the client is in default or deduct that amount from a future payment.
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    All disputes regarding fees must be communicated in writing to or in response to such email received from Elite within 24 hours. Failure to respond to the Elite confirmation email within such time period shall act as a waiver of any dispute regarding Fees described in such email.

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