5 Reasons Why an Office For Rent or Co-Working Space in BGC is the Best Location in the Metro

Location is a vital element of choosing an office for rent of co-working space in BGC. Gone are the days when major business districts like Makati and Manila were the default locations for businesses. Today, BGC has emerged as a top contender for entrepreneurs and companies looking for a new home for their operations.

Reasons Why BGC is the Ideal Location for Businesses

BGC has a reputation as a prestigious address, but don’t let that stop you from looking for an office in the area. Below are compelling reasons to establish your base in BGC:

  1. You get access to newer corporate buildings.

In recent years, BGC’S rapid growth led to the rise of many new buildings in the area, including Uptown Mall. Working in a newly built corporate building doesn’t just offer a better ambiance and space, but it also assures you that the establishment complies with the latest safety codes.

On top of these, top-tier buildings like Uptown Mall boast state-of-the-art engineering and design, giving you grade A offices that are both beautiful and functional.

  1. Prices for a BGC office space for rent are more affordable.

Price is a deciding factor when choosing an office location. It doesn’t matter if a place has all the amenities you prefer. If it breaks the bank, you can put your business at serious risk.

BGC may be one of Manila’s centers of commerce, but it’s more affordable than other options. For instance, office spaces in Makati’s Central Business District can cost PHP1,000 per square meter. In contrast, you can find competitive rates in BGC for much less at PHP850 per square meter.

Choose a premium office space in BGC, and you get first-rate amenities and a strategic location at a friendlier price point.

  1. Its strategic location places you in the center of the metro.

Many may lay claim to the title, but BGC is the true center of Manila. It’s perfectly located between C-5 and EDSA, two of Manila’s main thoroughfares. It’s near key cities for residences and commerce like Pasay, Mandaluyong, Pateros, Makati, and Taguig.

Besides, working in a co-working space in BGC places your company at the heart of seven access points. This location simplifies transportation, which means you can make it to your meetings, working lunches, and be back to the office in the most efficient ways.

  1. You can easily snag a scalable office for rent in Manila.

Many BGC corporate buildings are scalable, which means it can continue to accommodate business and startups as they expand their operation. This advanced setup is hard to find in commerce hubs, especially in the older districts.

Not only is this a more flexible setup for entrepreneurs, but it also eliminates the cost and hassle of moving into another office when you outgrow your current workspace.

  1. BGC focuses on building a community.

BGC is home to multinational conglomerates and brilliant startups, but it remains a city that values the human experience. For one, the streets are designed so people can stroll throughout BGC on a sunny afternoon or on the way to restaurants, shopping malls, and other amenities.

There are sports courts, parks, and playgrounds throughout the area. The roads are well-lit at night, with plenty of security to make anyone feel safe even at late hours. Working in BGC not just removes the tedious commute from your life, but it also encourages work-life balance.

Find Your New Office in BGC with Elite Empire

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