4 Key Features of an Excellent BGC Office and Co-Working Space

Searching for a BGC office that can streamline your business operations, empower your start-up, or enhance your freelance job without tying you down to a costly lease? Set up shop in a co-working space!

Co-working spaces serve the same functions as a conventional office setting, minus the requirement to commit to a long-term tenancy. They provide typical workplace amenities, such as a high-speed Internet connection and IT support services. Most also offer fully serviced office options. Take advantage of these benefits and more by knowing what to look for when choosing a co-working space in BGC.

Things to Look for in a Good Co-working Space

Ready to step up your work operations? Explore your co-working space options. Look for these features to get the best deal out of your workplace arrangements:

1. Strategic Location

A great co-working space is one that’s easy to reach. If you need it solely for yourself as a freelancer, solo entrepreneur, or remote worker, it should be close to your current residence. If you need it for your team, on the other hand, it must be near transportation terminals. Otherwise, your employees or co-workers will have a hard time going to work.

Aside from great accessibility, a great co-working space is one that’s in a bustling commercial district. This factor shouldn’t be a problem since you’re searching for a co-working space in BGC. The area is brimming with banks, convenience stores, shopping centers, dining options, and healthcare facilities. Choose a co-working space that’s close to such essential establishments.

2. Essential Amenities

As your temporary or indefinite base of operations, your co-working space must be well-equipped to cater to your business needs. You know you’ve found “The One” if you see these essential amenities offered:

• High-Speed Internet

• 24/7 IT Support Services

• Printing Solutions

• Front-Desk Services

• Car and Bicycle Parking Areas

• Address Privileges

• Unlimited Coffee and Tea

• Free Use of Lounge Areas

• Free Use of Pantry or Kitchen Area

• Daily Cleaning

Some co-working spaces charge extra for some of these amenities. If you’re on a tight budget, determine the features that are essential to your day-to-day operations. Choose a co-working space that offers the amenities you need for free or for low rates. Just make sure that their quality is high despite their budget-friendly offers.

3. Ergonomically Furnished Work Setups

Take note of the way a co-working space is furnished and designed. Do the office chairs offer excellent lumbar support? Are the desks located close to electrical outlets, and do they come with enough space and storage for your work essentials? Make sure your co-working space offers the perfect blend of function, comfort, and aesthetics.

4. Available Office Spaces

Most establishments that offer co-working spaces also provide BGC office options, such as interior offices, window offices, and office suites. They’re an excellent choice if you have plans to grow your team.

Once you think it’s no longer sustainable to work at a co-working space, rent one of the office options in the building. This flexibility eliminates the need to search for total company relocation as your team grows.

Boost Your Work Performance with a Great Workplace

Whether you’re an on-the-go freelancer or the owner of a start-up company, you can’t go wrong with making a co-working space your base of operations. Look to Elite Empire for premium workplace offers at the heart of the metro.

Empower your —and your team’s— performance with Elite Empire’s strategically located, ergonomically furnished, and amenity-rich serviced office in BGC. Call us now at 791-4325 to learn more about our flexible workplace offers!