Top 5 Benefits of Freelancing at an Office for Rent in Manila

One of the best advantages of being a freelancer is being able to work anywhere. The downside, however, is your productivity can suffer when you’re by yourself and staring at the same four walls every day. Forget about working in coffee shops or your living room —an office for rent in Manila offers the perfect balance of being your own boss and a professional, collaborative setting plus numerous other perks.

5 Benefits of Co-Working Spaces for Freelancers

With no need to commute, full control over one’s schedule, and the freedom to explore opportunities not available to employees, there’s no wonder the freelance industry continues to thrive.

However, freelancing does have its downsides. Working from home all the time has been shown to kill productivity and decrease motivation. If your freelance set-up is starting to lose its shine, consider moving to a co-working space in BGC for these unique benefits:

  1. Access modern office amenitiesMost freelancers don’t have an unlimited budget or space to buy everything they need for their project. Essential amenities such as fax machines, video conferencing systems, projectors, desks and chairs, storage photocopiers, and high-speed internet can cause a fortune if you have to pay for them alone. Office spaces for rent give you instant access to these equipment and tools as part of your rent package. 
  1. Socialize and build your networkCo-working spaces are bustling with professionals from all industries, and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet new talent, expand your network, and strike fresh business partnerships. The open atmosphere of co-working spaces makes it easy to approach other people to share ideas and insights. 
  1. Craft a professional imageNeed to meet clients? Doing it at home or a noisy café can leave a negative first impression. An office for rent in Manila grants you access to conference rooms or private meeting spaces, on top of a polished reception area to welcome your guests. Having an office address in BGC, Manila’s economic center, instead of a house address, also boosts your professional image. 
  1. Enjoy work-life balanceFor freelancers, it’s easy to blur the line between work and personal life. Unlike full-time employees, there’s no set schedule to clock in and out. Working in a serviced office in BGC lets you resume a healthy work-life balance by providing a place to finish your tasks and leave it for the day without having to see it all piled up at home. 
  1. Save moneyWhile renting an office space does cost more than working in your bedroom, the benefits make it a more cost-effective alternative.Leasing your own office in Manila can lock you in an expensive, long-term contract you can’t afford, but selecting a serviced office in BGC allows you to pay only for what you need to use. Aside from the flexible arrangement, you get to enjoy the latest amenities, security, 24/7 access, and many more office perks while maintaining your freelance status.

Work and Play in One of BGC’s Most Prestigious Office Rentals

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