Cost-Saving Benefits of a BGC Office Space for Rent

Getting a start-up company off the ground takes a lot of money, from hiring your core team to growing your operations and funding your ideas. Instead of signing an expensive and lengthy contract for a private office, the more cost-effective option is to establish your team in a BGC office space for rent instead.

5 Ways Serviced Offices Can Save Money for Your Business

Establishing your headquarters at a coworking space in BGC gives you so much more than a workspace without having to pay for everything. Here are some ways you can save money through this set-up:

  1. Pay only for the space you need, not the rest of the facilities.

As opposed to leasing an office, a serviced office in BGC allows you to pay only for the space you will be using. No need to pay for basic facilities like kitchens, toilets, meeting rooms, and break rooms because these communal spaces are already provided for by the coworking office itself. This means huge savings for small businesses since you don’t have to pay for the entire internal area.

  1. Enjoy full amenities as part of your package.

Buying new desks, chairs, filing cabinets, drawers, and other office equipment can be costly. Worse, they will need to be replaced over time, costing you even more money. In contrast, serviced offices in BGC will take care of these office essentials for you. They can also accommodate any special requests you need to create a more productive workspace for your team.

  1. Reduce your outsourced staff costs.

When you lease an office, you also have to budget for in-house staff such as receptionists and administrative employees. You can take this off your expenses with an office for rent in Manila. Such places already have dedicated support staff for daily duties like phone answering tasks. You won’t have to pay their wages, and you’ll be adding an air of professionalism to your operations as well.

  1. Expand your team without significantly increasing your business costs.

As more people join your start-up, you’ll eventually outgrow your leased office. Moving into larger accommodations means having to pay for more square footage and amenities. Renting a coworking space gets rid of this concern. You can upgrade your space to a bigger one while still enjoying the same amenities and conveniences as your initial set-up.

  1. Enjoy a flexible payment contract.

Leasing a private office will typically lock you down for several years. You’ll need to shell out a huge amount of money depending on the length of the contract. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll still be in business for all of those years, and you can be stuck paying for a space you don’t need anymore.

The good news is that a coworking space in BGC can be rented short term or long-term – you can even use the space for just a day or two if necessary. No initial investment; and you can start working immediately.

Welcome to Your New Office in BGC!

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